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Founded in 2015, the Rainbow Factory has been on its own rather incredible adventure of joy, creativity, laughter and inspiration.

When it comes to creative and original entertainment, the Rainbow Factory leads the way! With a focus on nurturing Children’s imaginations, there is no place or world the RF team can’t transport them to!

Originally set in 7500 sq ft of storytelling wonderland, the Rainbow Factory moved from its premises in Farsley to an online venture in June 2020, due the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now focusing on bringing the magic of the imagination to children across the UK and further afield, the Rainbow Factory, through the creative arts, literacy and science, immerses children into different worlds and beyond through;

  • Interactive and original theatre productions;
  • Enchanting themed workshops, PLUS;
  • High quality and engaging activity-focused printed publications

All of which ignite, excite and empower children's imaginations!

With a talented team of staff including writers, artists, teachers & drama professionals, all handpicked for their ability to engage with children, you're guaranteed an enchanting adventure with the Rainbow Factory. 

Discover the power of the imagination with the Rainbow Factory! 




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