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Why Hire the Rainbow Factory?

We've worked with national and international companies including CBeebies, John Lewis, publisher DK Books and Ikea - so we are just as comfortable in a shopping centre as we are in a school hall!

"The team at rainbow factory are brilliant and definitely know how to keep the children entertained 10/10"

-Unnamed partner

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What do we get up to?

Seasonal Hire

Our talented performers are available throughout the year for your seasonal events & celebrations such as summer, Halloween, Christmas & Easter. Whether it's running an egg hunt with a twist, performing our Christmas Show or simply a character meet & greet, we're guaranteed to make your events magical!


We're a regular feature at summer festivals around Yorkshire and have taken our Interactive Children's Theatre to many, including Chapel Allerton, Farsley, Kirkstall, Harrogate Children's Festival, Asda Pride, North Leeds Food Festival, Child Friendly Leeds Live, Breeze, plus many more! 

Charities and Corporate

We are the go-to children's entertainment provider for many charities & businesses when they want to treat youngsters or reward their staff & families. We've taken our Christmas Show to Martin House Hospice in Wetherby, as well as into the Children's Oncology Ward at Leeds General Infirmary, among others, and have hosted many corporate family events & parties with organisations such as Candlelighters, Zig Zags, Little Hiccups and many more.

Shopping Centres

We've wowed shoppers with our interactive storytelling sessions & activities. We have travelled to numerous shopping centres from Scotland to Portsmouth where we offer a variety of entertainment.

From themed space design, pop up play areas in empty units to pop up experiences including performances, crafts and interactive storytelling in the centre.

Why we have the WOW



Through fun and creative activities, based around theatre, craft, music, puppetry & science, we immerse youngsters in their favourite stories & lead them into exciting new worlds.


Unique Experience

Each event we deliver is designed around what you and your target audience's needs and requirements are. We have an extensive range of themes which we have used in the past including Princess, Pirates, Traditional Tales, Space, and MANY MORE! However, we are always open to broadening our range and will work with you to match the theme you require.


Friendly & Flexible

As each event/experience we create is entirely tailored to the needs of the client, the price of hiring the Rainbow Factory is also flexible to suit your needs and budget. We strive to provide the best family entertainment for the best price!


Specialised Staff

Rainbow Factory Education practitioners are highly experienced at working with young people both in schools and the wider community. Our team consists of passionate individuals with specialist talents, including published authors, award winning artists, teachers, performers and playwrights.

Important Information


Our unqiue experiences can be tailored to meet a wide range of prices, we strive to work with every client on an individual basis to meet their needs at a price which is right for them.

Whilst bringing our experience into your venue, we will tailor every event and experince to match the needs of the client and their target audience.

Covid Safe Work Practices

When working with our clients, we will take every precaution possible to ensure the safety of the public and our staff. We will work with each client on a case by case basis to meet their needs and those of the local area.

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