10 reasons why you should choose our subscription

We believe The Wonder Adventure Subscription is the only subscription you need for your child, and here is the 10 reasons why!

1.Completely unique and original content

The wonder adventure is the only subscription which explores the 7 wonders of the imagination through an interactive make-and-do story adventure. No other subscription combines the 7 wonders of imagination like we do!

2.Competitively priced

Our Wonder Adventure Subscription comes at the competitive price of £8.95, PLUS there are NO hidden fees and NO postage fees!

3.Supporting craft pack

In addition to clear step by step instruction as to how you do the various activities, we will also provide you will some of the materials and templates which you need for them.

4.Brand new pull out board game every month!

Our team of experts will be designing a new fun filled board game for every edition! Enhance your quality family time with a BRAND NEW board game which the whole family can enjoy.

5.Direct to your door

Your subscription will be delivered direct to your door every month, meaning you do not have to lift a finger to receive your Wonder Adventure.

6.Great for siblings to work together to do!

Although you may only purchase one subscription, there is plenty of opportunity for siblings to both have hours of fun.

7.A completely new (& original!!) themed story adventure every month

Each month you will receive a brand new story based activity book which as been entirely created by our creative team. Ensuring that your child will go on an entirely new journey every month.

8.Completely flexible, cancel anytime!

There are no contracts or monthly commitments, you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

9.Compliments Curriculum Learning Objectives

The Wonder Adventure has been built by our team of educational experts with the aim to compliment your child in their curriculum learning. Meaning your child will not only be expanding their creative mind, but they will also be gaining academic strength. In addition, our subscriptions champion STEAM and are inspired by Montessori Learning.

10.50% OFF your first edition!

Receive 50% off your first edition with discount code WONDER21.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now: https://www.rainbowfactorykids.com/the-wonder-adventure-subscription

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