4 Ghoulish Games

4 days to go until Holiday club! Check out these 4 ghoulish games which you can play at your own Halloween disco, join us at Holiday Club for 5 days full of ghoulish games!

1. Bean Bag Toss

Combine pumpkin carving with a classic party game, use the pumpkins for a fun game of bean bag tossing!

2. Eyeball Pong

This game plays like beer pong (without the alcohol). Kids will take turns bouncing "eyeballs" on the table to get them into the cups, if the ball lands in the middle cup, you instantly win.

3.Ghost and Pumpkin Bowling

Sacrifice a few rolls of toilet roll and a pumpkin to create your very own Halloween bowling ally at home.

4. Make a Mummy

Split the children in to teams, to aim of the game is to wrap one of them team members in toilet roll the fastest. You could then test their wrapping abilities in a Mummy cat walk.

We will be playing plenty of Halloween themed games at our Halloween themed Holiday Club, book your place today: https://www.rainbowfactorykids.com/halloween-special

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