5 Reasons Why Kids LOVE Holiday Club

Our Holiday Club has been a popular attraction for years! But why do kids love it so much that they return term after term?

We have gathered together the top 5 reasons why kids love our Holiday Club!:

  1. Meeting new friends- Children attend our Holiday Club from all over West Yorkshire, so there are plenty of opportunities for children to make new friends!
  2. Getting crafty- Arts and crafts are a big part of our Holiday Club activities and a huge favourite among the kids who love to get messy, and of course our famous slime making is always a favourite!
  3. Using their imagination- One of the most important rules at our Holiday Club is to always use our imagination, and there is plenty of opportunity for them to do this in all our activities from designing a superhero to creating a spaceship our of recycled material.
  4. Learning new skills- Our staff each have their own range of talents and abilities which they use to further enhance the experience and skill set of each child, this could be learning illustration from our resident artists or drama skills from our team of trained performers.
  5. ITS FUN!: The biggest reason why children love our Holiday Club is because it is non-stop fun all day long!

To book a place for your child in our next Holiday Club, click here: https://www.rainbowfactorykids.com/holiday-club

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