5 Reasons Why We Love Elves

Santa's magical elves play a big role in making Christmas a success, from making the presents to helping Santa navigate flying around the world in one night!

To celebrate the elves we have devised a list of 5 reasons why we (and you) love the elves.

1.Hard Workers!

The elves work hard all year to meet the increasing demand of for filling every child's wish list for (those x-boxes are hard to make!). They also wrap all the presents and pack Santa's sleigh very carefully to ensure every present fits on the sleigh.

2.They make the best Hot Chocolate

To keep up with all their hard work, they don't even drink coffee! Elves get all their fuel from Hot Chocolate, but it isn't just any Hot Chocolate. Elves make the best Hot Chocolate complete with cream and marsh-mellows, they even have special flavours like gingerbread and cinnamon.

3.They are full of festive cheer all year round

The elves never get bored of Christmas, unlike the rest of us who only get excited about Christmas in December. They play Christmas songs all year round, the decorations NEVER come down and they are always in the spirit of giving.

4.They cause all kinds of mischief

If the infamous elf on the shelf is anything to go by, elves love causing mischief all around the house and popping up in strange places! What do you think the elves will get up to in your house this year?

5.And finally.... they make all the presents!

The final (and most important) reason why we love elves, they make all the presents! Santa couldn't make all the presents for the boys and girls around the world by himself, so when you open your presents this Christmas be sure the thank the elves for all their hard work.

You can meet Santa and his elves in our Virtual Santa's Story Grotto this Christmas and bring the magic of meeting Santa in to your home!

Book your place now: https://www.rainbowfactorykids.com/virtual-santas-story-grotto

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