Our Fav Kids Board Games

Children's board games are so crucial to their development, but they also provide great opportunities for spending time as a family and crucial time away from screens.

To help you create those special family moments, we can complied a list of our top 5 favourite board games for children:

1.Monopoly Junior

We all love the classic Monopoly, but it takes so long! Monopoly junior has an easier set-up, kid-friendly properties and less is time-consuming. Parents like that it captures the 'essence' of the original but makes it quicker-paced for younger players to enjoy.


Operation works well as a family game or for solo play, and picking out the afflicted body parts with the tweezers is great for strengthening kids' hand muscles and helping them develop fine motor skills.

3.Guess Who

Siblings love this game and after a couple of goes with mum and dad, can easily play it independently and have some much needed bonding time.Perfect for getting them to ask questions, it will also teach younger kids all kinds of facial-related vocabulary.


Twister is a classic board game for a reason: it has as much appeal for little kids as older ones (and adults), and it always ends in giggles as people collapse on one another.

5.The Game of Life: Junior Edition

Choose your own adventure with The Game of Life – junior style! This fast-paced game is just like the adult version, but with cooler rides, locations and the much loved ability to collect stars.

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