Top 10 Children's Christmas Stories

Nothing gets children in the spirit of Christmas like a good Christmas story! To build the excitement, why not have your very own countdown to Christmas and read a Christmas story every day in December?

To help you fill your festive season full of story magic, here is our top 10 children's Christmas stories:

1.The Night Before Christmas

"Twas the night before Christmas..." This is the opening line of this classic and well-known poem first published in New York in 1822 as A Visit from St Nicholas. There have been countless editions of Clement's poem and one of them will fail to delight!

2.Farther Christmas

The wonderful Raymond Briggs gives a very human take on this Christmas character, depicted him as a slightly grumpy man living in a normal house with only his pets for company and happily partaking of a few stiff drinks as he delivers his gifts to children around the world.

3.Mog's Christmas

The late Judith Kerr’s unforgetful feline gets herself into a Christmas conundrum when, already unnerved by all the decorations and visitors at home, the sight of a seemingly walking, talking tree sees her flee to the roof. 

4.A Christmas Carol

It’s one of the most famous festive stories of all time. What Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the tale of mean-spirited miser Ebenezer Scrooge and his redemption after being visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve? 

5.How The Grinch Stole Christmas

This Christmas classic from the incomparable Dr Seuss turns 60 this year but is still as witty and wise as ever, filled with the author’s zany rhyming text and energetic cartoony illustrations. 

6.Pick a Pine Tree

Joyous illustrations and fun rhythms lead readers on the nostalgic journey of the traditions of selecting and decorating everyone's favorite holiday centerpiece: a Christmas tree!

7.The Polar Express

On Christmas Eve a boy excitedly waits to hear the sound of Santa’s sleigh bells. Instead, the sound of hissing steam announces the arrival of the Polar Express outside his house. Aboard are excited children in their pyjamas all bound for the North Pole where people are gathering to see Santa give the first gift of Christmas.

8.Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph, a youthful reindeer buck who possesses an unusual luminous red nose, is teased and excluded by his peers because of this trait. One particularly stormy Christmas Eve, Rudolph manages to prove himself after Santa Claus catches sight of his nose and asks him to lead his sleigh for the evening. 

9.Stick Man

The story centres on Stick Man who lives in the family tree with his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three. When he decides to venture outside, Stick Man quickly discovers that being a stick makes him a very attractive toy and tool for lots of different people and animals. When Stick Man finds himself a long way from home, who else but Santa should step in to help?

10.How To Catch Santa

After waiting for days and days and days, it’s finally Christmas Eve. And that’s when you can try to catch Santa. . . . Two sibling narrators give clever tips for “catching” Santa (be crafty! be clever! be gentle!) on Christmas Eve. 

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