What did people think of The Wonder Adventure Subscription?

Our BRAND NEW Wonder Adventure Subscription has had a hugely successful launch! Our lucky subscribers have all received the first edition of this fantastic subscription box, and we were so pleased to hear people's response to their first box and our LIVE half term events.

The reviews are in!

"OMG.I've got to say I think this is one of the best subscriptions I've ever bought"

"We're looking forward to sharing our adventure"

"So much for less than £10 a month"

"Being apart of a community to share our journey is so exciting and such a lovely bonus to the subscription"

"I'm very impressed"

"My children have joined all the live events and have taken something away from every one"

"My daughter is so excited to help save the day!"

Find out what all the hype is about and subscribe today!Our Wonder Adventure Subscription includes a range of fantastic experiments for kids, available now! PLUS receive 50% off your first edition with code WONDER21!

Subscribe now: https://www.rainbowfactorykids.com/the-wonder-adventure-subscription

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